Configuring local Django settings via Tutor

I have been advised that tutor config save --set… is a simple way to set django settings values rather than creating a whole tutor plugin to set a few config values in my local environment. I have used that command to update my tutor config.yml but i am not seeing any changes reflected in the ${TUTOR_ROOT}/env/apps/openedx/config/lms.env.json .

I do see updates made to the lms.env.json when i modify the standard settings such as PLATFORM_NAME . but not when i try to toggle features on/off or set other values such as THIRD_PARTY_AUTH_BACKENDS and ADDL_INSTALLED_APPS

I’m not clear how to get my config.yml settings to get handled by the template patches such as:

{{ patch("lms-env", separator=",\n", suffix=",")|indent(2) }}

Would someone be willing to help me understand what i may be missing?

This post seems relevant. If I understand correctly, it sounds like using a tutor plugin is advisable since the config.yml file can only control values for settings that are explicitly supported.

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