Tutor config save command

what does the tutor config save command exactly do? If my application already has custom configurations, will running this command reset the configs to default? If so, then how to reverse it?

Hey @pravallika_n , The tutor config save command in the Tutor tool for managing Open edX platforms is used to regenerate the environment configuration files based on the settings defined in your config.yml file. When you run this command, Tutor updates the env/ directory with new configuration files that reflect any changes you’ve made in config.yml.

If you have custom configurations within the env/ folder that are not specified in config.yml, running tutor config save will overwrite these manual changes with the configurations generated from config.yml. This is because Tutor ensures consistency by regenerating the environment files based on the centralized settings in config.yml.

To avoid losing custom settings, you should integrate these changes into the config.yml file before running tutor config save.I dont think we have any way to reverse it, if you didnt saved those in config.yml before running tutor config save.

please follow tutor documentation for further guide

okay thank you!