Connect MFE to remote Open edX instance

I’m trying to configure my tutor-mfe development env to use a remote instance of openedx.
I’ve gone through this thread and used the mfe-env-development patch to point the MFE, for instance account, to my remote instance:

name: mfe-dev-env
version: 0.1.0
   mfe-env-development: |

I’ve disabled CORS policy on my browser. I keep getting redirected to LMS dashboard when I try to access /account/settings.
I’m under the impression that the MFE should be access the endpoints of the instance after login. Am I missing a config or something? Any help appreciated.

Are you sure Tutor is running in development mode? Because if it’s configured for production, you’d have to patch mfe-env-production instead, and rebuild your docker images, before you’d see any effect from the changes.

Otherwise, if you’re sure it’s in development mode, debug the environment variables. First make sure you’ve run tutor config save and restarted all your containers. Then try opening a shell within the mfe image container and check the environment variables like echo $LMS_BASE_URL. If it’s wrong, check the docker-compose file which should have an entry in the mfe container for env_file pointing to a specific build/mfe/env/development file, which should contain your customizations.