Contributors Meetup Async Update - March 2nd - March 15th , 2024

Core Contributor Check-in: Mar 2nd - 15th , 2024

:stopwatch: Core Contributor Hours

Before I get to it, we need your help.

All CC’s would have received an email with the subject line: What do you REALLY think about the Core Contributor experience? It would really help us, help you, if you schedule some time to fill it in :wink: Thanks to those that already have!


Okay, let’s dive into the last sprint:

There was a total of 457 hours of contributions reported, which is about 10 hours more than the previous sprint of 447 hours.

The overall checklist response rate was 45% for this sprint, which is a 2% decrease from last sprint.

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Summary of Responses

1. Do you need any help? Or is there anything you’d like to collaborate on?


  • Is calling all Core Contributor to answer the survey received via email (subject line: What do you REALLY think about the Core Contributor experience?) Thanks to those of you who have already completed it!


  • Would like help understanding the different group processes, but knows this is already a work in progress

2. What should we improve? Are there any blockers?


3. What did you accomplish this sprint?


  • Joined my first Redwood Release WG
  • Completed the Core Contributor Check-in Report and Post
  • Worked on the Marketing Learning Technologies Stand
  • Created the Open edX Conference Social Media Post Templates
  • Reviewed the Product Review Process




  • Joined meetings: Redwood Release Planning, Maintenance, Large Instances
  • Reviewed Studio Home PRs
  • Worked on team alignment for Aspects v1
  • Nominated Mafer and myself for Maintenance and CC roles of the Woocommerce plugin


  • Reviewed PRs


  • Addressed reviewer feedback on my PR
  • Reviewed PR in scorm xblock
  • Reviewed PR in AI coach xblock



  • Continued improving the openedx-wordpress-ecommerce plugin
  • Reviewed some PRs


  • Worked on a Wiki page entry
  • Worked on conference planning
  • Worked on marketing tasks
  • Worked with other providers to prepare the talk Efficient Project Kickstart: Streamlining Open edX Environment Setup with Configuration Templates


  • Planned for April Session around Libraries Create Documentation working plan


  • Raised two new PRs
  • Raised two new issues, and was able to get a solution for one of them from frontend community
  • Attended more meetings compared to last sprint

4. What do you plan to work on in the upcoming sprint?



  • Finalizing the Marketing Learning Technologies Stand
  • Reviewing the Conference website and making UI suggestions



  • Maintenance, forum moderating, and meetings

5. What went well this sprint?


  • Got support from community members
  • Quicker response rates compared to usual on my PR


  • Finding the process for performing product reviews slowly less confusing
  • 20% of Core Contributors completed the CC survey


  • Aspects is a delight to work on!


  • Learnt few things like: why not to expose django users in xblocks, and what to do while updating xblocks to python 3.12


  • Coordination on Redwood release continues to be useful

:speech_balloon: Questions or comments?

Please add any questions or comments you might have below. We’d love to hear from you!

And if you’d like to take a peek at the full report, see it on Listaflow .

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