Contributors Meetup Async Update - October 28th, 2023 - November 10th, 2023

@Dean Very nice presentation to the CC update this week! :smiley: Kudos ;p

Agreed, this is pretty low. It’s really useful to have the info, to pass it on to the rest of the community - but also to hear of any blocker of issue. A lot of conversations and fixes discussed over the past originated from issues mentioned in the reports - so it’s worth taking the 5 minutes every 2 weeks to reflect on current work!

@Dean Btw, to help with the work @ali_hugo is doing, it could be worth asking the people who don’t reply if there are blockers or issues with it? CC @Fox_Piacenti - that’s where it would be useful to be able to write to the people who haven’t responded via Listaflow.

@arbrandes @xitij2000 If you haven’t seen this yet, it would be worth getting your review ^