Contributors Meetup Async Update - September 2nd, 2023 - September 15th, 2023

Re: PR review processes

You’re right, we only have a formal process for OSPRs right now (at least as far as I’m aware).

In that context we could consider making it part of the workflow to ping members of BTR working groups on PRs for new repos and/or MFEs.

However, to avoid introducing another source of ambiguity with the potential of slowing things down, @Michelle_Philbrick and I would need a concise reference on who to ping for which repos/under which circumstances.

In terms of implementing something like this for all PRs, I’m not sure where I would start with that to be honest :sweat_smile: At least if we’re talking about manual steps to add to PR review workflows, I think it would be challenging to get all teams to adopt and consistently apply those to the repos that they own. Offloading this type of work to a bot (as you suggested) would probably be a better option here.

For completeness’ sake, we already have the openedx-webhooks · GitHub bot :slight_smile:

Re: specific PRs

This PR was merged in the meantime :ballot_box_with_check:

For frontend-app-learner dashboard, the Aurora team owns that repo and is slated to take on maintainership for it in the current phase of the maintainership pilot (final confirmation pending).

I pinged their main tech contact here.

As far as core contributors go, the wiki doesn’t mention anyone having access to the frontend-app-learner dashboard repo, specifically, but aside from Adolfo there are two more people with write access to frontend-all (Brian Smith and Viktor Rusakov); they might be able to help out.

For frontend-app-gradebook, Adolfo is already handling fix: replace Field.Email reference for Field.Text by dcoa · Pull Request #345 · openedx/frontend-app-gradebook · GitHub, but for future reference that repo is also owned by Aurora and confirmed to be maintained by them starting with the current phase of the maintainership pilot.

Aside from core contributors that are members of frontend-all, Sofiane Bebert has write access to the frontend-app-gradebook repo according to the wiki.

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