Contributors Meetup Async Update - September 30th, 2023 - October 13th, 2023

Thank you @Natalia_Choconta this is great to have!

Here is the latest Core Contributors retrospective.
Cc: @antoviaque

Time contributed

In the last month (i.e. 2 sprints) a total of 372.25 hours has been reported with a median of 10 hours contributed. Only 30% of Core Contributors responded. Let’s look at our response rates since June 2022:

Productivity got low scores this month so let’s aim to improve on this metric this next sprint! :slight_smile:

Compared this to the average scores over the last year which are higher:

Do you need any help? Or is there anything you’d like to collaborate on? User
Grading troubles:
Peter Pinch
We still have stuck PRs - looking for core contributors who would be willing to offer to review (we will discuss with the maintainers/reviewers who can’t review, to see if that can be delegated). See Contributions · GitHub for the list of current stuck PRs. Xavier Antoviaque
What should we improve? Any blockers? User
It is still hard to get more contributors involved in the product conversations in a timely manner. Juan Montoya
What did you accomplish this month? User
Stumbled onto one cause of our persistent grading problems: Debugging persistent grade issues - #5 by pdpinch Peter Pinch
Attended the Core Product Working Group.
Gave feedback on the _Feature Enhancement Proposal: Hide Sections from course outline.
Joined in on the conversation about the organisation switcher on Studio Home.
Ali Hugo
Participated in the Frontend WG meeting where we agreed on some action points to help get the design-tokens/css vars landing in master during the remaining Q.
Reviewed PRs: 33059, 33219.
Reviewed and presented the work of the woocommerce project.
Felipe Montoya
Translated and reviewed strings for fr_CA in Transifex for edx-platform and openedx-translations.
Browsed Slack and DIscourse.
Attended Build-Test-Release Working Group meetup.
Attended Translations Working Group meetup.
Pierre Mailhot
Reviewed instructor dashboard in aspects.
Reviewed a ERB PR.
Reviewed a SCORM xblock issue and tried to reproduce it.

Zia Fazal
Reviewed the LTI MVP spec and left comments.
Started work on the Open edX 2024 branding concepts.TOC - Bi-monthly meeting.
TOC - Write draft report for publication.
PR Delays - Review & respond ticket Issues · openedx/wg-coordination · GitHub
Onboarding courses - Upstreaming - Meeting & plan (sprint next week, publication of course on FUN).
Xavier Antoviaque
Attended the large instances meeting.
Reviewed the Woocommerce Plugin for open edX and published it to the wordpress directory.
Wrote the proposal for handling flexible groups using the teams feature:
Reviewed the status of the RBAC project in the context of the flexible groups initiative.
Reported issue in aspects about the retirement process.
Felipe Montoya
On vacation from October 7 to October 16.
Translated and reviewed some strings for fr_CA in edx-platform and openedx-translations.
Attended Build-Test-Release WG meeting.
Attended Open edX Contrubutors Discussion.
Pierre Mailhot
Reviewed 3 PRs and published new release of H5P Xblock.
Created a file upload optimization PR in SCORM xblock.
Zia Fazal
I’ve been doing product owning work for a number of ORA improvement proposals as part of the campus wg agenda. Juan Montoya
Reviewed the LTI MVP spec and left comments.
Started work on the Open edX 2024 branding concepts.
What do you plan to work on in the upcoming sprint? User
Attend Build-Test-Release Working Group meetup (Oct 2).
Attend Open edX Contributors Discussion (Oct 3).
Translate and review strings for fr_CA in Transifex for edx-platform and openedx-translations.
Testing Tutor v16.1.2 on our fork of Palm.2.
Away on vacation from Oct 7 to Oct 15. Most probably testing quince.master (when the test server is made available) and palm.3 on our fork (when available).
Translate and review some strings for fr_CA in edx-platform and openedx-translations.
Attend Build-Test-Release WG meeting.
Attend Translations WG meeting.
Probably attend DevX WG meeting.
Pierre Mailhot
Training my replacement for BTR release notes expert.
Testing Quince release candidate.
Testing LTI PR: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub
Improve documentation of rate limiting on bulk mail.
Peter Pinch
Presenting the progress for copy/pasting a unit during the UX/UI meeting.
Working towards a decision about the org switcher on the Studio Home.
Ali Hugo
Core sprints - Help answers questions / unblock.
Onboarding Course (Upstreaming) - Test video editing, participate in upcoming remote sprint day.
Core sprint report - Review redesign.
OEP for escalation process to TOC.Reply.
Xavier Antoviaque
Keep working on ORA improvement proposals. Juan Montoya
Feat: Superset introspection · Issue #427 · openedx/tutor-contrib-aspects · GitHub Jill
What went well this sprint? User
Great feedback on Side effects of Old Mongo Removal Peter Pinch
There was a lot of good communication about elements of UX that apply to various projects being worked on in the community. Ali Hugo
I feel the process for proosing new product features is progressively taking shape Juan Montoya
The pile of stuck PR has diminished quite a bit! Kudos to Michelle and Tim for the work, and to the reviewers who pushed them through.
Almost fully caught up from vacations - if you are waiting for something from me, let me know!
Xavier Antoviaque