Contributors Meetup Async Update - September 30th, 2023 - October 13th, 2023

@Natalia_Choconta @Dean Thank you for the reports! :+1: And great to see some graphs in the core sprint report, it looks nice! :slight_smile:

Yey, kudos for getting to the beta! :partying_face: @e0d @blarghmatey @jill To attract more testers, it could maybe be worth posting a dedicated forum thread, with some screenshots? I would definitely be curious to see it :slight_smile:

@dave is the expert on grading :slight_smile: Any idea about the issue described by Peter?

@arbrandes FYI ^

@Felipe Apologies for the delay on our side - I have been discussing with @gabor @mtyaka @braden @itsjeyd to prioritize it better on our end. It looks like we are going to be able to schedule it right after the current work we are doing on PR sandboxes.

@jmakowski @ali_hugo @Cassie Were you able to find testers another way?

It’s not the first time we have trouble getting user feedback, correct? I wonder if we could maybe do something globally about this - maybe it would be worth setting up a betatesting program - where individuals and organizations could register to get informed of new upcoming features to test, and be provided privileged channels for giving their feedback in exchange? This could be as simple to setup as a mailing list, tied to a registration form with some info for you? It could then be advertised on the blog – and maybe in the Open edX interface itself (a banner in Studio for instructors? in the LMS for students?)

@juancamilom What were the product discussions you tried to get people involved? We are currently looking at improving upstream reviews speed, that might be something to also consider in that context. FYI @jmakowski