Corporate training

I am a consultant working with a corporate training organization that wants to build an awesome system for it and others to build and deliver corporate training. I am hoping that openEdx can be used to do exactly this but I’m hoping to find like-minded developers and business strategists who may have done this already.

The system needs to have the following features.

  • Subscriptions
  • User settings with an administrative view to turn on/off capabilities across courses.
  • Rich interaction between peers who engage in soft learning skills (e.g. leadership, communication, conflict resolution)
  • Peer scoring and threaded communication akin to what slack offers.

I’d love to find and connect with others who have or want to do this same work so we can learn and share best practices. I’ve also reached out to several development groups within the ecosystem so I hope to hear which of them have success doing this.

Dear Chris,
In response to your query about the Open EdX" e-learning Service I would like to request a conference call with you as per your convenience our working hours are Monday to Friday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm PST , this call will allow me and my engineering team to understand your requirements more in depth.

Below are the list of services that we provide on open edx platform :

Our Services on Open edX ® platform

  • Custom Feature Development
  • Custom courseware content types, new problem types, custom video player experience, etc.
  • Custom Analytics and Reporting Solutions
  • Customized reporting solutions using Hadoop and Spark
  • Monitoring Dashboard
  • Track system health and trigger alerts as needed, using several open source


  • Platform Upgrades
  • From Dogwood/Eucalyptus/Ficus to Gingko
  • Enterprise Systems Integration
  • Integrate your Open edX ® data with 3rd part platforms using custom APIs
  • Ecommerce Integration
  • Enable monetization and solve any integration issues
  • Comprehensive Theming
  • UI/UX designers and developers for theming and customizations
  • Micro Sites
  • Customize multiple sites in the same platform installation to address different target audience and provide separation of users and content
  • Platform deployment, Support and Maintenance
  • Install, deploy and configure as per your requirement Post deployment implementation support and maintenance for Open edX ® platform
  • Training and Consultancy

Looking forward for your response
Shweta Mehrotra

Excellent and thank you for the response. I and the team decided now that we know a bit more about capabilities to finish our wireframe designs to place some of the desired functionality into screens. When we finish that, then we will pick back up the process to engage with your team. I’ll let you know the timing of that as we finish Figma wireframe designs.



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Thanks Chris for the response, will wait for your update.
Thanks again,