Course Key Terms

We’re looking into building out a feature for key-terms for the platform trying to use a form like this to create/edit a term. Also with this feature we’d like to index the textbook and lesson information in a course to provide resource links for the learner to find additional information quickly. For the learner, they would hover over a key term and a callout box would display this additional resource of information for the term.

We’ve looked over the adding a new feature to LMS / Studio ( and are a little confused about if we need to make a IDA or Django app. The form would be a MFE (React) application and we’re thinking that we need a IDA to handle that, however, we’re not sure if the indexing results from the Textbook or Lesson (Section/Subsection) page would be available from an exist Open edX REST API.

cc: @bsande6 @dave