Creating Microsites in tutor

I have tutor lilac installation and I need to create 3 additional sites (mictosites) on the LMS,I used to do that on native installation following Configuring Open edX Sites from the official documentation.
I have followed the same steps for tutor but it didn’t work, is there any additional step for tutor as the documentation worked for the native installation before.

Hi @harout7, have you updated your caddy file with microsites-domain?

Hi @kiran_chauhan yes I have updated Caddyfile in:


After the update the file looks like this: {
    reverse_proxy nginx:80 {
        header_up X-Forwarded-Port 443
} {
    reverse_proxy nginx:80 {
    reverse_proxy nginx:80
} {
    reverse_proxy nginx:80

After that I have ran tutor local quickstart and still couldn’t access the microsite and when I have checked back the Caddyfile the microsite domain wasn’t there.

Any additional command should I run after updating the Caddyfile other than quickstart ?

@harout7 instead of tutor local quickstart , try with tutor local stop and tutor local start

And hope you are already configured the theme at here yourdomain/admin/theming/sitetheme/

@kiran_chauhan I have configured the theme in django admin and also did tutor local quickstart and then tutor local start it didn’t work.

Is there something I need to do in order to enable SSL for the microsite domain ? or just adding the domain in Caddyfile will handle the SSL as well ? I also added the microsite domain in ngnix/lms.conf file.

@kiran_chauhan I managed to enable SSL certificate for the microsites hosts but when trying to open it via browser I am getting:

Bad Request (400)

Steps to create Open edx sites (microsties) in tutor:

  1. Create an Open edX Site
  2. Configure the Site
  3. Enable SSL certificate for the new created site by editing Caddyfile in caddy app
  4. Add the new created site to lms.conf file in nginx app
  5. Add the new site to ALLOWED_HOSTS in apps/openedx/settings/lms/
  6. run tutor local stop
  7. run tutor local start -d

The above could be done by a plugin which was mentioned in many forum posts but didn’t find one to use.

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