Custom Payment Gateway

Hello Dear Friends
im trying to add some custom payment gateway for my open edx instance , can someone pls show me the way , tnx in advance .
(ps: my country does not support the payment solutions that open edx presents)

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Hi @Farhad_Sh,

To implement a new payment gateway, you’ll need to modify ecommerce service and implement a custom payment gateway there. Note that there’s no pluggability mechanism in payment providers, so you’ll have to modify the codebase and essentially at code drift.

Before doing any custom work, please check if the supported payment providers have support for your currency:

  • Cybersource
  • Paypal
  • Stripe

To implement a new payment processor, you can start by looking at ecommerce/extensions/payment/processors and seeing how the other providers are implemented, and build from there. You can also search around in the community to see if anyone already implement a custom payment provider for your currency.

But we’ll need to discuss the upstreaming strategy with edX first. Can anyone from edX pitch in about ecommerce payment provider pluggability?

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