Customizing Indigo Theme and Registration Page in Open edX Quince with Tutor 17.0.4

I’m new to Open edX and currently using the Quince release with Tutor 17.0.4. I want to make some changes to the Indigo theme:

  • Add new sections
  • Include extra pages in the header
  • Customize the registration page

Can someone please guide me on how to do this?

Ok so you can check:

Registration page comes form this mfe so fork it and for more help please follow this document

Hi, @MMarei

I have already forked the Indigo theme and successfully changed the logo. Now, I’m specifically looking to customize the main landing page. Instead of adding a course page, I want to add a menu item in the header. Could you please provide more details or direct me to relevant resources on how to achieve this? Additionally, I would like to add new sections to the landing page, such as a hero section and other custom sections. Any guidance on how to implement these changes would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Yagnesh
Thank you! Let me try this, and I’ll reach out if I encounter any issues.