Customizing Tutor Indigo Theme issue with Javascript Files

Hi All,
We are facing issue with customization of Openedx Theme assets we are looking to incorporate few parts of bootstrap css in Sass files. But the major issue for us to add Static JS files and other assets we have to store can we use Bootstrap css and What will be the path or how we call these css and JS files. we have gone through every where but still not able to figure it out.

can you please elaborate more what you want to do and where the error is happening

How i can call js files in my Tutor Indigo theme please please guide.


to add custom javascript in html pages you can do like

<%block name="js_extra">
<script src="${static.url('js/jquery-3.6.0.js')}"></script>
<script src="${static.url('js/course_outline.js')}"></script>\

see the html templates of edx-platform you will get more idea

Hi Smit,
So sorry for late reply i wanted to implement this design to tutor customizations but have not got any success please help me out how to implement this design

Thanks in Advance