Deprecation/Removal: Course Info Page and related code - DEPR-108

Hi everyone,

We plan to deprecate and remove the old course info page from ~2015’s shift away from this page. This page is used in very old named releases and is labeled “Courseware.” The “Course” tab from 2015 has been a replacement for this old info page now for many years and named releases. This deprecation also includes other code no longer in use relating to when we had the course info page as the main course page. Included in this for example is the accordion that shows the course outline in the sidebar of the course content pages as this was tied to the old waffle switches and code which relied on the “info / Courseware” page.

We are targeting removal after September 14.

Please read for more information and to post any questions/comments. The proposed deadline for comments before acceptance is September 14.

Thanks, Marco

Can you give an example path to this page that’s being deprecated, and what that path will be directed to after the change?

If my question doesn’t make sense, it’s possible I don’t understand the change that’s being made.

I can look at the code but I believe urls like this: have redirected to /course since ~Ginkgo? A waffle flag controlled whether this “/course” page was enabled or not. (Waffle flag: UNIFIED_COURSE_TAB_FLAG)

At one point we had a tab called “Info” and “Courseware”, and we for a while landed you on Info, the second tab. We shifted to a single tab called “Course” long ago.

Thanks for the clarification Marco. Indeed, we haven’t seen /info/ pages in many years.