Deprecation/Removal: OLX `problemset` and `videosequence` aliases for `sequential` - DEPR-151

Hi There,

problemset and videosequence are old-but-not-entirely-unused aliases to the sequential (in Studio-speak, “Subsection”) block type. We’ll be deprecating use of the problemset and videosequence tags. While we felt that there may be merit to the idea of more specific types of Sequences, the current implementation of it only adds complexity and does not surface much benefit to authors or any benefit to learners.

We are targeting removal after 2021 April 20.

Please read [DEPR-151] Remove OLX `problemset` and `videosequence` as aliases to `sequential` - JIRA for more information and to post any questions/comments. The proposed deadline for comments before acceptance is 2021 April 19.


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