Deprecation/Removal: RateXBlock Deprecation


We plan to deprecate and remove the RateXBlock, which allows learners to rate content in a basic way. The original author of this XBlock recommended that is be deprecated in 2016 and has recommended a replacement, the FeedbackXBlock.

There are currently 4 forks of this repository:

 @cloudsat cloudsat / RateXBlock
 @eduNEXT eduNEXT / RateXBlock
 @edutech-groove edutech-groove / RateXBlock
 @stvstnfrd stvstnfrd / RateXBlock

Please read [DEPR]: Fully Deprecate RateXBlock · Issue #45 · openedx/RateXBlock · GitHub for more information and to post any questions/comments. The proposed deadline for comments before acceptance is 2022-09-01T04:00:00Z.

Once the ticket is accepted, removal can happen at any time.




And it will be safe to use it, since it still hasn’t been updated for almost a year and the latest release is for juniper and it says it wasn’t tested.

You are referring to the proposed fork of the FeedbackXBlock? If so, as it is not currently forked into the openedx org, it’s not maintained by the project. Part of this proposal would be to upgrade it as appropriate. If I’m the maintainer, I’ll manage that process. If you would like to help upgrade it, I’d happily accept that help.

@Ian2012 do you think you could take over our deprecation and eventual removal of that fork?

Yes, I will be taking care of this DEPR ticket

As there have been no objections to the proposal and we are past the September 1, 2022 acceptance date, I will take the next steps for deprecating this repository.

@Felipe @Ian2012 @sbernesto I’m planning to move this repository to the openedx-unsupported repository this week. Please let me know if that will cause you any immediate issues.

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We have archived the repository at the moment, everything good from our side

The deprecation and removal has been completed. A read only archive of the code may be found here: