DigitalOcean Cubite Open edX

I start my own elearning website and I would need a solution that involve less roles (devops, software engineer).
I went through the documentation and I see multiple releases of open edX, one of them is Lilac which can be installed with 1 click on digitalocean. The question is if this is the best solution and if at some point can be moved on aws on a new architecture.

I don’t have anything to add about migrating deployments between different infrastructures, but I just want to mention that the latest release of Open edX is Nutmeg – Lilac was two releases ago.

Do you know if there is any solution similar to moodlecloud for edX? One-click to setup the application? Less headaches with the infrastructure and focus more on the content.


In my opinion, this is the best solution to easily take advantage of Open edX.

I will try again to install it today on aws