Discussion emails don't get sent for question-type posts but do for discussion-type posts

I’m on Lilac with tutor, and I recently noticed that it seems that email replies to student “question” posts don’t go out, but replies to “discussion” posts do. Is that the expected behavior, or a bug?

I had been working around this bug by changing forum post types to “discussion” before replying. But that’s not working on a new class, because when I try to edit a post to change it’s type, open edx just freezes and never updates the post. I have a theory it has to do with emojis being used in topic titles (because I can still edit posts for a different class fine). Edit: Theory confirmed :frowning:.

I found this bug report that indicates that this is a bug… but it also says it’s fixed (though I don’t know if the fix applies to Lilac which I’m still on.) In particular @pcliu said that “After setting ACE_ROUTING_KEY to “edx.lms.core.default” in lms.env.json, the email notification works.” However, I can see that I have that set, and it doesn’t fix the issue. Any thoughts @pcliu or @regis ?

/home/tutor/.local/share/tutor/env/apps/openedx/config/lms.env.json:  "ACE_ROUTING_KEY": "edx.lms.core.default",