Documentation for discovery service

We are trying to setup Programs to work completely with our project. However we find it very difficult to progress as we are unable to find even basic documentation for Discovery service. There are many different entities like Curriculum, Curriculum program memberships and others and relationship between them and Programs is not explained in the docs. Also even other entities like “Programs” and “Catalogs” are explained in one paragraph although I suppose they have dependencies which directly affect if the program will be visible to learner or not.
Is there any documentation for Discovery Service that we are missing? If not, is discovery service still in early stage of development and we are not supposed to use programs in our deployments yet?
By using debugging we were able to inspect models and based on that develop Discover New programs page which was missing, but we seem to get inconsistent enrolled programs view depending on different programs/courses data we test with. It is probably due to our misunderstanding how all these entities work together, hence some documentation would be great. We could understand a lot from Django models but models don’t say everything and I am not even sure is the code behind them complete and ready to use.


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