Education Charity looking for volunteers

Hello everyone,

My name is Lin and we are a start-up education charity for children and young people called Ignite Hubs. We are trying to build an Online Learning Platform and looking for volunteers to help us on this amazing project. We need developers, designers etc. At the moment we are having problems getting it production ready. Check out our website for more details about us:

Come and join us and be part of something amazing! I can be reached at

I hope to hear from you and if you have any questions please let me know.



Hello Lin,

Could you please give us a little more details about the tasks to be done?

For example, what exactly is the problem you are experiencing that is preventing you from being production ready?

By detailing the different tasks it will be easier for us to know where and how to help you.

Do you have mock-ups, specifications, etc.? If not, discussing with the community will be very interesting in the decision making process.

We look forward to hearing from you and would be happy to help you. :slight_smile:

Hi Abdess,

Thank you for your reply! I hope the below provides the information needed?

We have installed Open Edx on our Azure platform, but aren’t familiar with Django to allow a full config.

We have a Salesforce backend, and want the data to automatically export to Salesforce.

We have Auth0 as an authentication layer, with Google behind it, we’d like to configure the SSO connection between Auth0, Google and EDx.

We have both SendInBlue and SendGrid, but haven’t figured out how to link the SMTP API.

Are you able to do the following:

  • Setup up our Open Edx instance securely (apply an SSL certificate, so the site runs via a secure protocol/HTTPS, we should be able to use CertBot for the certificates)
  • Setup our SMTP route
  • Setup our authentication, so students can log-in/out and our single source of truth for IAM is Google workspace.
  • Setup a link to Salesforce so we can ETL the data

We also want to build out the functionality and improve the look and feel to provide children and young people with a more engaging and user-friendly environment.

Any help is much appreciated.

Many thanks,


The pleasure is all mine. Thank you for this detailed answer, indeed, it brings a better overview of your needs.

My current knowledge of Open edX is limited to its documentation. So, in case I can help, I personally feel the need to be corrected by more expert people.

For the first 3 points, I am relatively able. I have not yet had the opportunity to install authentication with Google Workspace.
For Salesforce, I haven’t found any solutions yet. The Open edX one seems not to be supported anymore: GitHub - edx-unsupported/edx-salesforce

What kind of functionality would you like to develop?
For the appearance, do you have an idea or a mock-up?

Our pleasure @linvong. :slight_smile: