Edx-oauth2 vs edx-oidc

I’ve noticed for example that master for ecommerce uses edx-oauth2 instead of edx-oidc for authentication.

After modifying values for the oauth client and settings files in ecommerce, I keep getting
invalid_request The requested redirect didn’t match the client settings.

Is edx-oauth2 installed as part of Ironwood ?
Do I need to install edx-oauth2-provider ?

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Maybe I should ask my question in the ecommerce section because it seems the create_or_update_site command does not support the same options or switches as previously under edx-oidc. That might explain why I cannot create my site with it.

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I might feel slightly stupid for asking this question but what is the difference between


in the latest versions of ecommerce?

How do I convert my current instance of ecommerce still using SOCIAL_AUTH_EDX_OIDC_KEY ?

What do I need to use and what do I need to use in order to update my current database / client ?

Thanks for any information.