Enable Badges in the Tutor Nutmeg Openedx

Hello everyone,

I am working with the openedx release nutmeg in the tutor.

is anyone familiar with Enabling Badging in openedx

As i found the below git link in the openedx documentation to install the badge server but this link is not working so not able to go to the next step.


i am not aware about how to enable the badge in the openedx.

is there any way to install the badge server in the openedx tutor?

is it working with the tutor or not ans, if yes then please give the steps for the enabling the badges in the tutor.

and also I want to know how it is working on the website.

please suggest some solutions.

Thanks in Advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi. While I have not tried it on my system, following are a few related links where you can find the related information:

  1. How to implement Open edX Tutor badges
  2. Enable badges using badgr on tutor openedx - #2 by BbrSofiane - Open edX - Overhang.IO
  3. Enable badges using Tutor Open Edx

Mainly, you would need a custom plugin to add the required settings to lms and cms to enable badges.

Hello @Syed_Muhammad_Dawoud ,

Thanks for response.

I followed this same steps but not able to see any badge related changes in the nutmeg tutor.

how it is working.

please suggest some solutions.

Thanks in Advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, can you describe the exact steps you took? Thanks

hii @Syed_Muhammad_Dawoud ,


i followed this Discussion.

How did you add various settings like ENABLE_OPENBADGES , BADGR_USERNAME , BADGR_PASSWORD , etc.? Did you edit the yml files directly?

hii @Syed_Muhammad_Dawoud

did not created plugin to add this settings

i just added this parameter inside the common.py file

BADGR_BASE_URL = “https://api.badgr.io
BADGING_BACKEND = ‘lms.djangoapps.badges.backends.badgr.BadgrBackend’
BADGR_ISSUER_SLUG = “65b0a56d17a2f217c19fe5b3”
BADGR_TOKENS_CACHE_KEY = “b553d5a9e7953be0c29007c10c52359f58d71bf01ea959a26ec83aca49b95745”

suggest changes if any mistakes

hello @Syed_Muhammad_Dawoud ,

Badge is supported in the tutor nutmeg??

and if yes then it is supported in the MFE??

Please give some suggestions if any as this is not mentioned in the documentation.

Thanks in Advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Error in the enable badges using badgr on tutor openedx nutmeg release created new community post please suggest if you know anything related on this.