Enabling google analytics using tutor


I am trying to set up Google Analytics using the tutor plugin as described at Examples — Tutor documentation

We have the production server (using tutor 15.1.0) and a staging server (using tutor 16.1.1). It did not work at all in the production server and it worked only on the MFE apps (but not on the edx-templated pages).

Also FYI: We are using this theme: GitHub - African-Cities-Lab/acl-indigo-theme at develop

It may be that this only works from tutor 16, but it is not working on the edx-templated pages. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you. Best,

Hi @martibosch,

If you look at the Confirming the Configuration step in the linked howto, do you actually see the proper tags being inserted in the legacy pages?

Hello @arbrandes,

I am sorry that I did not specify this: when I say it works in MFE pages I mean that I do see the inserted script tags as described in the docs that you linked, and when I say it does not work in the legacy pages I mean that the tags are not inserted there.

Thank you,

Does the tag render if you disable or remove tutor-indigo (including your fork) entirely?