Enrollment via API in api-docs

Hello! I’m quite new to using the API in the api-docs. So please bear with me.
In the api-docs, there is an endpoint where you can enroll the current user in a specific course.

I want to use this endpoint but modify it a bit. I was planning to create my dashboard, where in the dashboard if the “Enroll” button is clicked, it will automatically enroll the user as “verified” (mode: verified) instead of just “audit”.

How can I achieve this? And where should I put my code? Should I create a django app for this? Thank you in advanced for those who considered my low level programming skills :sweat_smile:

@Engr_James_Lusuegro where do you plan to create the dashboard? You should be able to create your interfaces outside of the edx-platform and still call this endpoint, but to enroll other users you’ll need a staff level token which you probably don’t want your end-users to have so you might need a service that can receive the end user requests and proxy them into the API calls.

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