Error in Problem creation In library

I am facing issue in production. I tried to create a new question type. But after creating one adaptive hint questions. I am seeing this error. How i can resolve this issue. I have fresh Installation.

hi @Parvinkumar please test with this code, the example in the official documention has a problem based on the python version. Just pay attention to the code formatting and insertion.

	<script type="text/python" system_path="python_lib">
def test_str(expect, ans):
  print (expect, ans)
  ans = ans.strip("'")
  ans = ans.strip('"')
  return expect == ans.lower()

def hint_fn(answer_ids, student_answers, new_cmap, old_cmap):
  aid = answer_ids[0]
  ans = str(student_answers[aid]).lower()
  print ('hint_fn called, ans=', ans)
  hint = ''
  if '0.05' in ans:
      hint = 'Make sure you enter your answer in cents. and go to'
  if hint:
    hint = "&lt;font color='blue'&gt;Hint: {0}&lt;/font&gt;".format(hint)
	<p>If a bat and a ball cost $1.10 together, and the bat costs $1.00 more than the
            ball, how much does the ball cost? Enter your answer in cents, and include only
            the number (that is, do not include a $ or a ยข sign).</p>
      <p>based on 10.35.1. Create a Problem with an Adaptive Hint</p>
       <customresponse cfn="test_str" expect="5">
            <textline correct_answer="5" label="How much does the ball cost?"/>
			<hintgroup hintfn="hint_fn"/>

@abstract-technology Thank you very much so kind of you.

@Parvinkumar works now?

@abstract-technology I am so sorry to for late reply but it is not working for your reference i am attaching screenshot

@abstract-technology I am so sorry to for late reply but it is not working for your reference.