Error invalid request block size

I’m facing this issue: our openedx integrates oAuth with Keycloak, and when keycloak redirect back to openedx, it has a large cookie, therefore openedx is throwing this error:

invalid request block size: 8518 (max 8192)…skip
[uwsgi-http key: client_addr: client_port: 24770] hr_instance_read(): Connection reset by peer [plugins/http/http.c line 647]

In understand that request is larger than a limit, but don’t know how to increase the limit.

Please help, thanks

Hi @Duc_Trung_Mai that looks like a uwsgi configuration issue? I googled “uwsgi invalid request block size” and stackoverflow provided the answer:

You can customize the uwsgi.ini file Tutor generates by patching the uwsgi-config template.