Finance/business perspectives on e-commerce

Hi, OpenEdX land! Educators might not be quite the right category to put this in, but I’m interested in hearing a non-technical perspective…

I’m looking for folks who could tell me about your experience with Open EdX e-commerce from a finance/business viewpoint. We’ve got e-commerce up and running but have been slow to transitioning to it because we don’t have a great understanding of the features and functionality from an administrative/business side (particularly on the Oscar admin.) I’d love to hear from people who are regularly accepting payments via e-commerce how it’s working for you, and how you went about educating and training your teams.

@sambapete would probably have some feedback to share on this :slight_smile:

Thanks @gabrieldamours. Do I know you? :wink:

@spsnyder already reached out to me on Slack a few days ago based on previous discussions she saw I had in the #ecommerce channel.

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@sambapete, If you can reiterate the answers for @spsnyder query or paste the link to slack channel conversation this would help me(and community) to understand about it.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

This will be an “edited” version of the conversation I had with @spsnyder on Slack.

Yes we are accepting customer payments through ecommerce. Because of financial / political reasons we also had to develop our payments based on Paysafe (previously Netbanx). We therefore used the code developed for Cybersource and adapted it for our payment processor.

On our side, the devops and sysadmin create the entries in ecommerce and make the course available for payments. The payment page is hosted at Paysafe. And from there I suppose the money is then transfered from Paysafe to Peoplesoft (I seem to remember that the university where I am based uses Peoplesoft). I am not too familiar about what happens in the background after the payment has been processed by the payment processor.

I guess it is part of the relation between the payment processor and the financial institution we deal with. Definitely not on my side of the workflow.

We currently only use ecommerce (which is as you know a fork of Oscar) and Paysafe as our payment processor. I am not privy to any other financial reporting being done in the background after the students pay for their courses.

Nobody from the university has access to ecommerce apart from 2 or 3 people in our team of 4.

I am sorry I wasn’t able to help you with the administrative/business side–financial reporting you were looking for.

Have a nice day.


I really appreciated your responses, @sambapete, thank you!