First steps successfully customizing an open edx installation

Hello folks,

I got stuck now.
First task I was given last week was to customize the look of the certificates. I had understood that the given set is just meant to be an example but I haven’t found out yet, where to put ‘my’ set of templates and how to tell open edx to use it. I have tried to apply tutorials like this ‘’ but there is always sth that does not match my installation (here the paths) or does not work out.

As an example I started to add logos for the enterprise in the LMS administration. Well, it was uploaded in the LMS administration (…/admin/organizations/organization/) and still is. That’s what was achieved. But the logo is not displayed anywhwere in edx.

To my surprise - you will know it and laugh about me - all logos I had replaced manually via ftp, are overwritten when the system is rebooted.

So my question is:
where do I have to put my logos for the whole platform and templates (at least for the certificates) to have them persistantly used?

Looking forward to your hints …

Thanks for your time

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