Frontend Pluggability Summit

Hello there folks.

Regarding what the requirements should be for frontend pluggability, we can start by listing what we can currently extend in the legacy applications by using the available mechanisms here I list the two I’m the most familiar with:

  • Using Open edX Filters, we can modify the template context, change the templates altogether, make redirections happen according to some conditions,
  • Using Plugin Contexts, we can use theming to access new context added by plugins

Those are more backend-focused mechanisms but still affect user interactions with the platform, which can be lost after completely transitioning to MFEs. The MFE Config API covers some of the cases like context customization, but not others.

So, I wonder whether we should consider those existing customization methods as part of the requirements.

Also, I think we would benefit from having a (short) list of places where we want to extend and start from there. I guess that’s also part of the requirements.