Frontend Pluggability Summit, Part 2

I believe we’re at the right time for another Pluggability Summit, with some urgency. There’s a current window of opportunity to implement a couple of Redwood-targetted features as plugins if we can commit to a plugin architecture sooner rather than later.

With that in mind, I propose we hold one next week. Here’s a poll for us to find a time: Calendly - Adolfo Brandes

The goal will be to answer the following:

1. Are we ready to pick a favorite plugin architecture from the existing implementations?

There are currently two main competing ones:

Both try to solve the plugin problem similarly. Which one’s closer to the mark? Which one will be flexible enough to tackle both (and more) use cases?

2. Can we get it ready in time for Redwood?

If we can pick one, can we come up with a list of improvements to call it “v1”? Would there be enough time to tackle this work in time for Redwood?


Looks like we have a winner! Tomorrow, Tuesday May 19, at 18:00 UTC (14:00 New York DST). In this meeting room: