Grades not registering


My instance is not storing grades. Users are completing problems but the gradebook is not registering them. I cannot post images, but when someone submits an answer the score still shows 0/0. Can anyone help me with this?

Hello @docnicnac and welcome to the community!

Can you check your logs while users are submitting problems? Logs will give you a clue that what is going wrong.

Moreover to this, if you can provide details like what installation method (Native/Tutor) you have used? What version of Open edX you are running on?

Hi @docnicnac it’s great to have you here!

I think I have adjusted your account so that you can post images, if you want to try again. If you post logs though, please post as text (or a link to a text, like a GitHub Gist). Images of logs are not searchable and hard to read.