Have an Duplicate entry error after enabling Persistent Grades

Some of our users are unable to see their course progress page. (they see a 500 internal error)
It’s got started happening just after I enabled Persistent Grades on our Open edX instance.
there is a multilevel error repeating in our error logs. you can see one block of them by following this link.

a part of the error message says:

MySQLdb._exceptions.IntegrityError: (1062, "Duplicate entry '3Hh/n7AUbv5mnoBtCTHE/4WYD5I=' for key 'hashed'")

Do you have any idea why this duplication could be happening?

I think this issue is due to visual block caching race condition. In that case this commit should fix it.

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The commit has been pulled to the edx-platform master branch (PR). and cherry-picked to both koa.master and lilac.master.

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