Help edX With The Django 3.2 Upgrade

edX is currently working on a big project - upgrade its Django to version 3.2 by mid-October. You can read more about this effort on our project wiki page.

This is a massive amount of work to complete in a limited time, and in no small part due to a big number of dependencies which don’t yet support Django 3.2 and which need to be updated or replaced (you can see current status in this diagram.

This is where we’d like to invite you to help us! This wiki page will provide you with all information on how to start and contribute your work. Every little bit (updated dependency or package) counts, and brings us closer to our goal of getting on version 3.2 in time for the next Open edX release, Maple. Based on our plan, we have about 2 months to get all dependencies in shape. Your help will be much appreciated!


Thanks you @nberdnikov and everyone else at edX for organizing this effort.

MITx Open Learning will take the edx-sga upgrade. We’re looking for others that we can take on in addition.

@nberdnikov, thanks for the post! Let me take the opportunity to bring up the first deadline we’re looking at, which is August 31st:

As we discussed on a meeting last week, we’re looking to get core contributors to use at least some of their time to help, here. That’s not likely to be enough to do everything, but at least it would be a start.

I also made the call for help during today’s contributor’s meetup.

Community friends, we still have 60+ Django dependencies that need your help. Please sign up and help us get on Django 3.2 in time for Maple!