Hooks based extension of open edX

Hey everyone,

we at eduNEXT have been researching how we can better maintain our heavily customized fork of the platform and at the same time better serve the need of some customers. It is often the case that someone wants to change something on the way open edX behaves that goes beyond theming. It might be only a slight change, but if is not additive it is difficult to make it work via plugins.

We came up with this research/proposal document where we draw inspiration from the Wordpress ecosystem and we want to open up the discussion for more people in the community to pitch in.

The document is public in google drive for now: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jhnudz6AVtVt0ZSRSwOwj9gJ0lsDDn_8mUCPehLPzLw/edit#

I’ll be happy to hear from you.