How common is authentication with SAML via ADFS?

Hello community, I wanted to ask you how common is authentication with SAML via ADFS (Active Directory Federated Services) or other forms of SAML that send signing key separately?

I ask it to know if it would generate value to open a pr that supports this, or is it something that happens very little and is not worth it.


Welcome to the forum, @mafermazu :smiley:

OpenCraft hasn’t had any clients ask for ADFS support, but adding support for more authentication pipelines is always welcome.

You may even find that you can support ADFS authentication with existing python social-auth libraries, by just adding them to the list of THIRD_PARTY_AUTH_BACKENDS, without having to change any Open edX code?

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Hello @jill thank you very much for the welcome and for the suggestion, I was investigating and I could not find a better solution at the moment, but I already opened the PR and it is already under review.

Thanks :raised_hands: :tada: