How do we build continuous integration for the supported installation?

@toxinu Thanks. I wonder if your log parser had the same issue as mine? I had to tweak it to get the log lines I showed above.

@nedbat I cannot confirm but it looks like it is a problem about when the logs are saved in your database vs when the actual email is sent (before the logs are saved in the database for instance). We have a fix being reviewed right now, so I will keep you in touch once it is fixed. :slight_smile:

@nedbat, as @toxinu mentioned we have a fix which is waiting for review.

Since we would like to provide as much useful information as we can, in an easily readable way, I’d like to ask you to check the “Structure of the email” section of the Pull Request. I did change it a bit to be more “efficient”.

In case you have any suggestions related to the email or its format/structure, feel free to comment that on the PR.

FTR: The fix is deployed and I can see the new emails coming in.

The CI is working well to alert us to issues. Can we get it running on the open-release/koa.master branches also?

@nedbat, yes, we can. I’ll reserve time in our upcoming sprint to set this up for open-release/koa.master.

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