How does LMS caching work?

I’m looking for directions to docs on how caching works for LMS with dockerised setup installed with tutor, or if docs don’t exist a bit of advice on how caching works and how to clear cache.

I just had an issue where I was working on a theme in a dev environment (installed with tutor local ... ), let’s call it Dev B.

I had copied a partially made theme from another server, let’s call it Dev A, then wanted to change something in footer.html on Dev B, however, the footer that was rendering to the browser corresponded to none of the files anywhere in /openedx/... at leat according to a grep -R "string" * carried out from /openedx.

I found all the possible footer.html files that could have been generating that footer, changed them all but the rendered page did not change the footer, and the footer that was finally rendering in the browser had a string that was in no files anywhere in /openedx/ , at least according to grep.

(All the above stuff carried out inside the LMS docker with docker exec -u 0 -it tutor_local-lms-1 bash)

I restarted the whole lot with tutor local stop, tutor local start, but that made no difference

So somewhere, something was caching an old footer.html file, something that didn’t mind being restarted - what, and where?

I eventually solved the problem by changing the name of the footer file included by main.html, making a new footer file with the new name, and that seemed to work, but I’d still like to know why the first issue was happening.

Thanks, sorry for verbose description!

I’m not certain that this applies to you, maybe someone has better suggestions, but I had a similar sounding issue where after rebuilding, some elements of my theme were not overwriting with the ones from the plugins directory. I ended up deleting the theme folder from the edx install and then rebuilding openedx and my theme plugin rebuilt with the new files correctly.
Check here for your current files to remove, and then rebuild openedx:

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