How to configure MFE in local development?

Hi team… i’m Marudhupandiyan i’m a freelancer inspired your Open edX project i’m creating looks like your project why i’m creating this project because i’m a learner i wanna to create big project due to i’m easily getting good job… i’m using technologies be MONGODB AND EXPRESSJS AND REACTJS AND NODEJS i wanna to your help team, your mfe doesn’t work in local development i wanna to run this mfe because that i’m getting some origin point so could you help me team… i’m eagerly waiting to your help team…

Hi @Angel_Developer , and welcome to Open edX :slight_smile:

Can you describe the steps you’ve taken so far to try to get Open edX and the MFEs running? If you could post links to the documentation you’ve found, and let us know how far you’ve gotten through them, that would help.

Which MFE isn’t working for you? What do you see (versus what you expect to see)?

I also found this post, about what it takes to set up the learning MFE on Tutor in maple: Course Page Not Found In Maple Release - #8 by BbrSofiane - Open edX - Overhang.IO

Does any of that help?