How to enable sharing of content on platfroms like WhatsApp, Telegram?

Hi, I’m developing courses on Open edX. Is there a way I can add the feature of sharing/ sending the course content on platforms like WhatsApp or Telegram as well?. Similar to moodle WhatsApp plugin?

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There is currently no WhatsApp plugin similar to the Moodle one that creates groups automatically based on data from the Moodle LMS. I don’t foresee this as a standard Open edX feature in the short term due to privacy issues for example. I understand that for your use case the students will already be happy to join a WhatsApp group automatically.

As far as I know, the WhatsApp Moodle plugin does not share content, but of course in WhatsApp you can share all different types of multimedia and links.

I’ve never used Telegram before, but there is also no plugin for that in Open edX® as far as I know.

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Noted, I was thinking, once I deployed and run open edX on AWS (Been stuck on Applying enterprise.0112_auto_20200914_0926… for an hour). Will it be possible to access the MongoDB content and use that to send on WhatsApp?. What’s your opinion on this approach?


Unfortunately I’m no longer doing any programming but focused on administration/project management, so my opinions will not be useful in this case. Try the Slack community?