How to get advance settings of a course by course_key

Hello everyone , I’m using lilac master version and I want to get some advance setting of a specifix course in Studio, is there anyway to get it. Expect result can be query_set or better is json

Hi - I’m not a developer, but I think you can use the API strings from this page to get most of the settings data that you want.

If not, somebody with better expertise/insight than me might follow up with a better answer.

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Hi, I recently ran into this need – edx-platform/ at db32ff2cdf678fa8edd12c9da76a76eef0478614 · openedx/edx-platform · GitHub

is your best best to get advanced settings in studio. The API is a RESTful one and the url used is <studio_url>/api/contentstore/v0/advanced_settings/{course_id}. It returns JSON as explained in the documentation for the view.