How to hide buttons from New Learner Home Page?


How can I hide the upgrade button?

I also need same think. Is there any way to hide Upgrade button?


I’m sure it’s not the best way to do it but I edited the css of learner-dashboard to hide the button.

Step 1) Get the mfe container id:
sudo docker container ls
Step 2) Edit the container
sudo docker exec -it “mfe_idcontainer” /bin/sh
Step 3) Go to learner-dashboard directory
cd /openedx/dist/learner-dashboard
Step 4) Edit the .css file
vi app.b1895a913bef10623833.css (in my case)
Step 5) Add:

#dashboard-container .container-mw-xl.container-fluid .row .course-list-column .course-card .pgn__card .pgn__action-row button.btn-outline-primary {
display: none;

Step 6) Save the file with wq and then exit the container

Step 7) Commit changes to the mfe container and save as a new image

sudo docker commit <mfe_idcontaine> new-mfe-tutor-17.0.1

Step 8) To make the changes permanent edit the “docker-compose.yml” file (under .local/share/tutor/env/local/). At the end of the file change the MFE image from " image: " to " image: new-mfe-tutor-17.0.1 "

Step 9) Run sudo tutor images build openedx and sudo tutor local start -d

If you can’t see the changes, clear your browser’s cache.