How to run Cairn

I’ve enable plugin Cairn and access The scene below:

How to continue?

If you are an admin account, you need to create a dataset from a table or a Query (you can test those in the SQL lab). You can then create a chart from this dataset to your liking and add it to a dashboard, the dashboards are where you will most likely be able to view and filter these resources. There’s a bit of SQL engineering to it if you want certain charts but you can get a lot of data out of Cairn.


Thank you for the answer.

I’ve created a dashboard with a chart successfully. But in SQL lab, there are only 7 tables:

Can you help me, what’ve I done wrong?

For the Openedx schemas you need to access the Openedx Database not the openedx-admin database. There is more data there but essentially this is all superset captures. It comes down to how you use the data to get what you need.

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As explained in the readme (though I must admit the instructions are confusing), you can import a nifty dashboard in your account with a simple command:

   tutor local do cairn-createuser --bootstrap-dashboards YOURUSERNAME YOURUSERNAME@YOUREMAIL.COM
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