How to track user behavior data

Hi All,
We wanted to track user behavior like how much time user spent on any quiz and lecture, and when student replied to that question we wanted to track so many things. How we can do that for example

In-page clicks & mouse movement, scroll depth, User navigation patterns, Learning Style, user facial emotion tracking, detect how users respond to a particular type of question, eye tracking, concept map, detect focus, and how student learning behavior affect their study and we wanted to track much more

how we can track user Behavior

Thank in advance

Hi Braden @braden,
I am so sorry for poking you directly please give me few min from your precious time and enlighten me. I am stuck at user behavior tracking. I don’t know how to achieve user behavior’s tracking via 3rd party library or custom code.

@Shailendra_Kumar I don’t know anything about user behavior tracking, sorry. You’ll have to find a third party service that offers it, and then they’ll give you an HTML snippet and you can use a custom theme or template override to insert that HTML into the LMS main.html template. If you use the “Learning MFE” instead of the “legacy” learning experience, then I don’t know how to insert analytics JS - someone else was recently asking too. Hopefully someone else can answer.

thank you very much for your support & Guidance. we only wanted to track user mouse movements and other things via js and insert values in database