How to upload Plugins to K8 server

Hi, I wanted to ask you, there are documentations on how to upload indigo plugin locally. How do we upload plugins to K8s. Is it just to rebuild the image and push it? and then tutor k8 launch?

Hi @sharky

I haven’t tried the same, but I feel following steps should work.

  • Enable your plugin via listing them in config file or via command tutor plugin enable PLUGIN_NAME
  • Stop any running stuff
  • Fire tutor config save
  • Update your images and push them
  • Launch it to k8s

Mostly the plugins should get installed and it’s effect take place with the build

Thanks for your answer. Since I’m running a M2, I’m not able to run this locally. But when I add indigo and push my changes to K8s (after building the image and referencing the newer image), I can’t seem to find changes in Kubernetes at all. Plugging in Indigo, should have an instant change to theme right?

I think these steps will do:

tutor plugins install indigo
tutor plugins enable indigo
tutor config save
tutor images build openedx
push your image to a registry
tutor k8s stop
tutor k8s start
tutor k8s do settheme indigo
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