How/Where to post feature request?


I work for European Schoolnet and we are using Open EdX for our MOOC platform. As we are starting to use Open EdX more, we would like to post some feature requests that would benefit us and (we hope) also the wider community.

There’s two things:

  • I am wondering what the official process/procedure is. Should (bigger) proposals be discussed here in the community first, or should we go ahead and create issues for it directly in JIRA?
  • On GitHub I read that “To file a bug or request a new feature, please make a free account on our JIRA and create a new issue!”. However, Atlassian is rather complex: there’s so many places to contribute in so many ways - I just can’t find the right place to create an issue.
    • First I was stuck in Confluence (the Wiki, apparently) - the ‘Switch to’ button is far from obvious.
    • Then I got to in JIRA, arriving on the Dashboard with tons of projects - it isn’t clear which one my feature request should go in.
    • Now I’m in the Issues list, still don’t see a button to create an issue. Ok, found the ‘create issue’ button - again, not very visible for new users.

Now, I understand Atlassian is not something the Open EdX team can improve, but maybe the Instructions to create a good bug report can be taken as base and expanded to provide detailed instructions for newcomers to create a ticket & explain the general process :slight_smile:

@Glotzbach, thanks for writing this up. The README for edx-platform is embarrassingly out of date. I’ve made a pull request to simplify and update it.

We’ll get an answer for you here about the current process for best influencing feature work.

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Thanks very much! Looking forward to learn more about influencing future work.


Thanks for flagging this, I would recommend two next steps, which are flagged below.

1.) Feel free to create posts in the “Collaborative Proposals” topic for groups of feature improvements to get community input (your call on how to group them to start, no science to this necessarily).

2.) We are still piloting a way to provide earlier product / architectural guidance on contributions. In the past we have opened up “empty / single line change” github Pull Requests with feature proposals, but we are in the early days of piloting a JIRA ServiceDesk / Form: If you would like to be an early adopter of this process and provide us feedback that would be great!

Thanks @Glotzbach