ImportError: No module named 'debug_toolbar'

am trying to setup a helm chart for installing openedx.
I managed the manual tutor installation from the k8s commandline.
I also found a project which has done before on outdated versions.

Now I am trying my luck with openedx-10.5.2
[](https://tutor helm chart)

Most pods are starting but I get a repeating error with the debug_toolbar in the cms- and lms-worker pods.
I am looking around but cant seem to find the place to influence the setting of the container to disable this import (SETTINGS variable I think)

thanks for any pointers in the right direction would be helpful. Or is the 10.5.2 broken?

@uvwild, afaik, the Django Debug Toolbar application will only be installed in a development environment with the DEBUG variable set to True. So it looks like there is a mix-up of development and production environments in your case and that is likely why the app is looking for the debug_toolbar import in what appears to be a production-like environment where it will not be installed.

Can you check if this is the case?

Since Tutor isn’t an officially supported installation method and support for it is provided by, you’ll likely get better answers to your questions and solutions to your problems with Tutor on their official forum.

thanks, i arrived at that same conclusion.
however, since I am using existing images I dont have direct access to the configuration which is hidden behind another layer of abtraction.
I keep on looking…