Improvements to Discussions

Originally published at: Improvements to Discussions - Open edX

In the latest Open edX release, Palm, the default Discussions tool has had a number of incremental improvements that provide a better discussions experience. These improvements build on the many new moderating and authoring tools launched in the Olive Release. What has changed? We’ll cover six smaller, but still significant, changes that have been added…

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Small incremental changes add up and pay the dividents in the long term. Kudos to the teams shipping these improvements

I consider this a downgrade feature. Hiding stuff from viewers is almost never a good idea. Generally, we need to avoid developing features that are tricky, and make users think(hidden, hard to discover).
Some users can guess it but keep in mind that computer literacy is not equal across the world.

Buttons show up at the far top right corner making it hard for eyes to discover.
Hovering on mobile devices is even worse.

I don’t think we should try to reinvent the wheel here. There are so many social networks that have done good UI/UX on this (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram).

Also showing user full name and adding animation to actions (like, star) would make it more engaging for learners.

The inline notifications are a helpful addition, as they make it easier to keep track of conversations and to participate in discussions more effectively.