Install MFE, not Tab discussions

Hello everyone,
I have installed Tutor and run MFE, but mine doesn’t display the “Discussions” tab. Is there any issue with it?

Hey, in order for the discussion/forum tab work in a coure you need:

  1. Install tutor forum plugin which is intalled by default with pip install tutor[full] plugin readme
  2. Make sure discussion is enabled in the course; ref doc Make sure it’s enabled.
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Hello @ghassan,
Thank you for answering my question. I have one more inquiry: I have a MongoDB server already connected to Tutor. How can I integrate it with a form?

It should be integrated with the forum by itself, assuming you connection with the mongodb is handled through tutor config. When initializing the service needed when first install the plugin via tutor local do init --limit=forum. It would then create a collection/db in your MonogoDB server, that would be used for the discussion.

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