Instructor details of course

In which table course instructor details are added in openedx database. I need to add a custom Instructor notification based on the leaner submission of open response.

They are stored in MongoDB, as “field values” for the course XBlock (code). They are not stored in a MySQL table as far as I know. It would be easiest to access them from python - get a reference to the course root block, then access course.instructor_info.

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No they are stored in mysql only. I found the table and using for my operations

Can you share what table that was, in case others are looking for the same thing?

And maybe I misunderstood what information you are looking for.

I was looking for the table that was storing Course instructor or staff role details table. I found that table in mysql db and table name is student_courseaccessrole

Ah, sorry - I totally misunderstood your question.

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